Edge Profile Options
Large Ogee
Large Radius
Square Eased
Simple and modern. Looks good
with flat cabinet faces.
Our most popular edge. Gives
the granite a thicker appearance.
Very durable.
Bold and durable. Highlights
the granites features at the
Small Ogee
Elegant and formal. Popular edge on
kitchen islands and vanity tops.
Gives granite a very
finished look. Our most
popular edge for bath
vanities, but often used
throughout the kitchen
Pricing for edge profiles:
Level 1: $7.85   per lineal foot
Level 2: $12.00 per lineal foot
Level 3: $22.00 per lineal foot
Laminated Edges: $26-$32
Double Laminated Edge
Small Radius
1/4 Bevel  and  1/2 Bevel